Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Today, punters can effortlessly find several mind-boggling bonuses for their online gaming sessions. On top of that list is PlayAmo Casino Canada, with well-crafted deals to boost your winning chances. Nevertheless, these bonuses are not the same and serve different purposes.

Online betting sites feature several games, ranging from bingo, scratch cards, and slot machines to poker, roulette, and other table games. These call for unique casino bonuses due to their gameplay or nature. A vivid example is that you cannot use free spins on poker or any other casino game outside slot machines.

With that understanding, you need to know the types of online casino bonuses and where they work best. That will guide you when you sign on to gaming sites with welcome deals for new players.

Three Most Common Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Three Most Common Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Although they all have unique applications, you might prefer one bonus over the others in specific situations. The following are the types of online casino bonuses:

Free Spins

Slot machines have been among the most popular casino games since their inception. They are quick ways to catch fun and spicy rewards thanks to uncomplicated gameplay devoid of skills. The casino bonuses that work best for online slots are free spins.

You would agree that each spin on a slot machine will cost you, depending on your bet size. So, what if you could spin the reels without using your bankroll? Note that the free spins here do not refer to some online slots’ bonus features.

Instead, we refer to free spins before you load the game. It is pretty common to get free spin offers from online casinos. By doing that, they accept payment for the number of spins while you keep the winnings.

Free spin offers usually work on a particular slot machine. However, some online casinos do not mind allowing you to use them on all slots.

Match Bonus

Match Bonus

You might see them as deposit matches, but they mean the same thing. Match bonuses are probably the most common among the types of online casino bonuses. With them, gaming sites will boost your bankroll with a certain percentage of your deposit.

Match bonuses are tied to your deposit, and they could be any percentage, from 50% to 200%, and even more. So, the casino will add that percentage to whatever you deposit. You can use match bonuses on all casino games unless stated otherwise.


Although less common than other online casino bonuses, cashback has its place. Like match bonuses, cashback comes in percentages. However, they are instant cash, which you can choose to withdraw or use for gaming.

Cashbacks could be helpful since they involve getting a certain percentage of your deposit back. Unlike other casino bonuses mentioned above, what you receive as cashback is entirely yours, without any wagering requirement.


There are different types of online casino bonuses with unique applications. Free spins and match bonuses often come with wagering requirements, meaning you must cycle through them before gaining access to your winnings. That does not apply to cashbacks, as they are instant cash rewards.

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