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In order to bet like the pros do, there are a number of key tips that are essential to succeed.

Learn to manage your money

To become a professional bettor you must be aware that you can lose money, especially at the beginning, and therefore you must be cautious since in the learning process mistakes will be more frequent than successes due to the lack of a certain level of experience.

Setting a stop-loss limit

As we have already mentioned, we must be aware that during our learning process we are going to lose money, so it is mandatory to set a maximum loss limit per day, week or month when we start betting. In other words, so that betting losses do not become a problem, it is necessary that we know how much we can really afford to lose at a certain time interval.

Set a profit target

Just as we must establish how much money we can afford to lose, we must also set ourselves some profit expectations, the more realistic the better, so that we do not become obsessed with reaching this goal, because if we do not do so, it will start to affect us on an emotional and psychological level in our forecasts.

Mastering statistics

Statistics are a fundamental part of betting. So, data such as how many wins or losses each team comes in with, how many goals a team usually scores at home, what are the most common results when certain teams play each other.

In this case, it is very important to have as much information as possible before placing a bet, as it will provide us with a background, which will help us to predict the future, which is what we really want to do when we place a bet.

Talent and motivation

These may or may not be as important as the other sections. Motivation is the key to any goal in life, as motivation in bad times can lead us to fail prematurely or to be patient and wait for the prognosis that will change our dynamic. As for talent, you either have it or you don’t, as in the arts and sciences, and we have to assume that not everyone can be Messi.

What are the expectations in professional betting?

Like any other job, the expectations of being a professional gambler can vary enormously, although the key for most of them is that it allows them to live comfortably, i.e. that they do not need another paid job to “make ends meet”.

In this case, as in other professional fields, the more expert you are in the field, the higher the odds, but above all, and most importantly, the more luck you have, as we must not forget the element of chance that exists in any sporting competition, especially football.

How do the pros bet?

Although single bets tend to be the most common type of betting, accumulator bets are really the key to a good professional bettor, a type of betting that offers a high potential return at a fairly low cost as they tend to be more difficult to get right.

However, the downside is that the risk can be too high, and a failure in any one bet, regardless of whether the combination is 5, 10 or 20 picks, spoils the whole bet.

Therefore, a professional bettor is a bettor who is able to place as many bets as possible in a multi bet, and who has a higher percentage of successes than the percentage of errors.

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