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Low odds are those with a low return, i.e. those in the range of $1.00 to $1.50, and are usually associated with the big favourite in a match.

Here are some tips on how to bet at low odds effectively.

Select very low but very likely odds

If possible, odds of no more than $1.20 or $1.25 should be selected, although we can consider odds as low as $1.50. The lower the odds, the lower the risk, as the probability of that particular event occurring will be closer to 100%.

Combining low odds

As we are dealing with such low odds, the best option to try to increase a possible final odds is to make combined betting predictions, which, although they increase the risk of failure, it will not be so much because we are handling events with almost 100% certainty.

Selecting sports from 2 options

When betting with low odds it is advisable to choose sports events with 2 options, that is to say, sports in which there are no draws, since in these cases the chances of success decrease. Therefore, tennis or basketball are more recommendable than football, although we should not exclude it either.

Which sports are worth betting on at very low odds?

As mentioned above, it is advisable to bet at low odds on events in which there is no draw, such as tennis or basketball, as this way we will have an even distribution of the chances of success (50%) and failure (50%). In the case of football or other sports where there is the option of a draw, our probability of winning is already reduced.

What are the best bookmakers to bet at low odds?

Most bookmakers are recommended when following this strategy of betting at low odds, as they all offer a multitude of markets that fit this description perfectly and allow us to carry out this strategy effectively. Some of the most recommended are Bet365, William Hill or Bwin.

Would it be profitable to bet at low odds?

Despite the fact that low odds provide lower profits than medium or high odds bets, the high probability factor that these types of bets provide means that we can invest more, although 100% guaranteed success does not exist in sport, no matter how high the probability of the event occurring is.

So, for an event with an odds of $1.12, placing a bet of $10 will only give us a profit of $1.20. However, if for the same event we place a bet of $100, the profit will be $12.

Is it advisable to place multi bets at very low odds?

Multi bets are an excellent option when dealing with low odds, as they allow us to increase the final odds on which we will bet. However, despite the fact that these are likely events, there is always a risk and a chance that the favourite will fail, especially when it comes to football.

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